We never stopped searching for new tastes and flavors to bring even more pleasure to our customers.


Years of striving for perfection have learned us that, sometimes, we can rely only on ourselves. Wishing to offer only the best to our guests and partners, we noticed that products on the market can't always meet our requirements. So we decided to make our own ones. In collaboration with the best manufacturers in their respective industries, we started developing Milky products. Ones that will match our high criteria and, combined, create the best experience for our customers.

We started with a range of batter mixes as a fundamental product in the creperie business, and an extension of our offer to high-quality spreads and toppings followed, naturally, soon after. Right now we are doing our best to put the Milky brand on the highest quality Belgian chocolate, as well as preparing an offer of premium espresso coffee flavors that will be soon served in all Milky creperies where our customers will be also able to buy them.