From the beginning, we knew that there couldn’t be only one Milky creperie.


Milky brand is created in Zagreb in 2014. The first creperie we opened in May of the same year, and it still operates today. Shortly afterward, we opened Milky at two other locations in Zagreb.

With our restaurant concept, we managed to distance ourselves from the fast-food philosophy and positioned ourselves in the "restaurant & cafe" catering segment. Our goal was to create a chain of restaurants with crepe-based delicacies in which people will come to in order to enjoy the premium offer and pleasant atmosphere.

We started our regional expansion in 2016 with the first franchise in Sarajevo, and today, 5 years later, Milky has almost 30 restaurants in 10 European countries.

Simultaneously with franchise expansion, we have invested additional funds in brand development and strengthening our market position. Today we are the market leader and the largest regional brand for crepes and pancakes.

Year after year, we achieve positive financial records and we would dare to say that we have the knowledge and experience to cope in all situations. As such, we are attractive to many potential partners, both franchisees as well as our suppliers, with whom we jointly develop and exclusively market new products under the Milky brand.

Taking into account our development path, the dynamics of expansion, and the market position we have achieved so far, we can conclude that all indicators suggest that Milky is on the best way to becoming the most famous creperie chain in the world.